Student Athletes of the Month for February

Today, we honored two student athletes for their achievements during the month of February in athletics, academics, and living out our Virtues of the Week.  Congratulations to both Vinnie and Sam!

Sam Breen, Senior
Girls Basketball

She has been the girl’s basketball leader on and off the floor over the past two seasons. On the court she is known as the school’s all time leading scorer. Winning as a team is most important to her and ensuring everyone is involved is what she is well known for on the team. Each game day she starts the day with a text to the entire time wishing them “Happy Game Day”. When things do not seem to be working on the floor she will take it upon herself to be a game changer and take over. She is a great leader and embodies all of what CWNC represents. She works extremely hard, leads our team with communication and complementing others as well as in leading the daily prayers. She tries her hardest to embody the virtue of the week each week. 

Vinnie DiNicola, Senior
Boys Basketball

His coaches say he is by far the most improved player on our team. His dedication, hard work, and drive has resulted in him rising from a player off the bench to a critical cog in the starting line-up. Each day he is striving and succeeding at getting better. Every game, he has done the dirty work that usually goes unnoticed but work that must be done to achieve victory. Additionally, he has accomplished the difficult task of leading by example, which is a critical characteristic for a senior to exhibit, because it helps the younger players understand what must be done for them to be successful but, more importantly, for our team to be successful. Ultimately, a repeat appearance and victory in the WPIAL Championship would not have been possible.