“My Path” Speaker Series: Engineering, February 8

In partnership with the CWNC Robotics Club, we are offering an Engineering Panel for February.

CAP Talk: Learn about Med School, February 20

Talk to special guest, Liz Profeta, of Penn State College of Medicine about the process of getting into med school: How do you prepare as a high school student & college undergrad?, What is the MCAT?  What the difference between MD vs. DO?, What’s a day in the life of a med student like?

CAP Talk: Learn about life in the Military (Air Force), March 6

Did you ever wander about what it means to commit to the Military and what life is like in the Air Force?  Join us as we hear about career options and also learn about the ASVAB career test.

CAP Talk: Film, March 13

Join us to learn more about careers in film and casting.

CAP Talk: Journalism & Media, March 14

Learn about careers in Journalism and other media-related opportunities with Whitney Godwin of WVU’s Reed College of Media.

CAP Talk: Creative Writing & Marketing, March 23

Listen to Noelle Scoleiri, as she discusses how she self-published two novels (the first at age 17) and has done all the marketing and social media herself.

CAP Talk: Government, Secret Service, April 4

Learn about what it is like to be a Secret Service Agent, both in Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh.

CAP Talk: Medical, April 5

Join us to learn more about careers in the medical field and what you need to know to pursue this path.

Goals & How to Achieve Them, November 3, 2017

NC Alumni and Motivational Speaker Linda Maloney will be here to talk to our students!